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Alison Eccleston





As your District Dean, my main focus is report writing.  I know, I know, when I have written reports they feel a little like homework.  All the details of a project without the fun.  And over the years I have heard that “Reports are your club’s history.”  Yes that may be true, but why did we start writing reports?  According to “Reaching Out, A Story of the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs,” we started collecting reports from the very beginning.  They were used to let other clubs know what you had accomplished and to verify that you were an active club.  These reports have been used to gain information about the needs of the cities where each club is located.  They were used to show that women’s clubs were not like men’s clubs which were social and business oriented, but literary and social improvement clubs.  They were used to prove to naysayers that we were doing useful and important work.


We are still doing useful and important work, and still, sometimes we need to prove it.  So we write reports on what we have accomplished, how much money we have donated, how many women we have helped, bees that we have saved and forests we have planted.


We are doing more than writing our clubs’ accomplishments; we are writing women’s history.


We are documenting what women can do together to change the world.


Dear Club Deans and Chairpersons,

This year has been an experience for us all, we have all learned to do the same old thing in an entirely new way. Next year? There is only one thing we can count on, it will be different.

 Woman’s Clubs have weathered storms before and we will do so again. You have all done amazing jobs of keeping it together and getting the job done. You each have a story to tell about this past year, even though it may not the story that you wanted to tell. 

 I want you to think about your story of resilience, how you and your club have survived the obstacles that seemed to compound daily in 2020. What you had to learn, ways you had to do things differently or not at all. 


Here is a list of our revised District Chairpersons and their email addresses you will need to submit your reports. If you have any problems do not hesitate to contact me. If you are going to submit your reports through the post office please send 5 copies of each report.

  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault & Prevention Programs –Robbie Kennedy - 

  •  Legislation and Public Policy – Jennifer Nickel- 

Dear Club Deans and Chairpersons,

What you need to know.


  • Club reports are due to District Chairpersons by Jan 15

  • District Chairpersons, remember CFWC wants copies of all the reports, you are having them judged for our District Club Awards.

  • District Chairpersons need to judge the reports and send one copy all club reports to CFWC Chairpersons in their program area by Feb. 15.

  • District Chairpersons need to send a copy of all their reports to me (Alison) by Jan 29 and the first second and third place winners in each category by Feb.15.

  • All Club and District Membership reports are due to me (Alison) by Jan 29 and Sonya Matthies CFWC 2nd Vice President and to Wendy Curran Area D Vice President by Feb 15.

  • All Club Statistical forms are due to me (Alison) by Jan 29 and to Barbara Briley Beard, CFWC 1st. VP/Dean by Feb. 15.

  • All District Statistical forms are due to Barbara Briley Beard, CFWC 1st. VP/Dean by Feb. 15, 2021.

  • All District Program Reports are due to Barbara Briley Beard, CFWC 1st. VP/Dean by Feb. 15, 2021.

  • One copy of all Reports are due to Barbara Briley Beard, CFWC 1st. VP/Dean by Feb.15, 2021.

  • CFWC Chairpersons are to receive 1 copy of their District report and all club reports submitted for their CFWC Program area. Due by Feb. 15, 2021.

  • Statistical Report, Alison Eccleston

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