I am very honored to be the 2020-2022 De Anza District 2nd Vice President of Membership.  CFWC 2nd Vice President of Membership Sonya Matthies, a.k.a. The Queen Bee asked all district membership chairs to select a "Bee" related theme.  My theme is "How to Build a Beehive."  My goal is to help each club grow by at least 10% and to add at least two new clubs to our district.  During the 2018-2020 term, I served as Membership Chair GFWC-The Woman's Club of Indio and we brought in 52 new members.  I learned many lessons from that experience, from what went right and what went wrong.  I have developed a 10-step method to gain new members and more importantly, retain them.  I cannot wait to share these with all of you.  Best of all, membership is super fun!  So my friends, let's build our hive, bring in more worker bees, and make some honey! 

Mickie Reed





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