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Message from the President

     Welcome to the De Anza District 2020-2022

administration. My gratitude for your loyalty, support and friendship, throughout this dream-come-true journey comes from the bottom of my heart. From my very first 

De Anza conference and convention my mission was clear. I would dedicate and educate myself, step-by-step, to leadership in our Federation.

     Together we will advance and rise to meet the challenges of the world’s unprecedented times in spite of the obstacles, difficulties and naysayers. We are women of purpose, strength, commitment and wisdom. We will use these tools to inspire, encourage and serve while displaying examples of health and safety, security, common sense practices and always compassion.

     “Connecting with Kindness” will drive the next two years in all that each of us say and do. The goal we will reach, carry forward and leave behind is our reward for helping to honor our Federation Mothers and the daughters of tomorrow traveling in their footsteps.

     Every human being needs to be connected to someone; offered kind words, gestures, and respect. Join me today as we begin our adventure to connect, remember, refresh and resolve our promise of “dear God, let us not forget to be kind.”

Christine Hunt
2020-2022 President
De Anza District



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